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my ; hope, hopeless, dream, pray….

“beibz. Did you find some hapiness with me?How i hope that you still miss me?would you take the risk it all with me?Lie to me and tell me that you never will leave me.u know, I still love to hear you “scream”… I’m screaming for something,As long as you’re alive and care, I promise I will take you there,And we’ll dance the night away!!In a room full of emptiness, On my deathbed I will pray To the God, and I’ll wait for you there Like a stone, alone.Do you miss me, Like i miss you. If you miss me, Never go away.Hopefully, you’ll come stay someday.If you’re leaving, come back soon. Thats not easy to do, I’ll wait here,dream of you.and always i’ve been waiting silently.Promise I will be forever yours, Promise not to say another word.thise notes are marked return to sender, i’ll save thise letter for myself. i wish you only knew that one thing is always true, i miss u and how good to see you.”


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